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"oliver has his own vision and tweaks the image until he feels he has reached a satisfactory solution. He challenges the edges, makes us think, while we are keeping an eye on sensual, colorful images. While initially resistant to digital imagery in any form, I am becoming more accepting. Indeed, one of my favorite pieces in my personal collection is a piece by oliver."
Jacqueline Hamilton, Art Consultant
August, 2003

"oliver's photography is not easy conceptually - it challenges the viewer to look, to examine. The manipulation of the images allows the viewer to stop looking at a conventional image and examine the texture of the work while enjoying the sheer beauty of the art."
Bob Warren, Photographer and President of the Board, Photo Forum, MFAH
July, 2003

"oliver is a very dynamic and gifted artist. We are pleased to be adding his creative imagery to our gallery here in Cayman."
Marianne Hill, Kennedy Gallery Grand Cayman BWI
July, 2003

"Your work is wonderful"
Colleen Kenyon, Executive Director of Center for Photography at Woodstock
May 20, 2002

"oliver represents a new direction in photography by creating nude images on canvas with a surrealist use of solarization, the silhouette lighting and color illusions that create a euphoric emotional inspiration."
Kudo's Magazine
February 6, 2002

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