Scenic Visions

Fine Art Digitally Stylized Photography by oliver

Scenic Visions is a large somewhat eclectic body of work. Initially, it was distinguished as rural, homey work that was not about the Creative Process, base images from Underwater, Silhouettes and about women (Models series is no longer shown on the public web). There are many stylistic and  thematic explorations found in Scenic Visions - but suburban, rural or wild landscapes occasionally with people at work or play are predominate. Flowers and cooking also appear frequently. A "discussion" with all two dimensional "artistic schools" may be found within the body of work, but strong relationship to impressionism and closely related painting schools frequently occurs. In all of these images color, light and tone are strong concerns of the artist's tool box.

Scenic Visions is a very diverse body of work, both stylistically and topically.

This portfolio has been grouped in various ways to aid you in understanding the work.

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