England And Ireland

Fine Art Digitally Stylized Photography by oliver

This series is somewhat a return to the early Scenic Visions viewpoint, but of course updated by many years of explorations in between. While Scenic Visions continues this body of work is topically about England and Ireland, which has some of the Urban clash of the old and new (old in England and Ireland has a differenet meaning than in the United States for example the new church sometimes refered to a church built in 800A.D.or so.

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This Fine Art Digitally Stylized Photograph is limited to 10 Archival copies, printed on canvas using archival ink. Archival copies are "plate signed" and hand signed and numbered by oliver. The 10 prints include the artist's copies and proofs.

Standard image sizes 44" X 66", 29"x44" and 20"X30" with smaller images to approximately 12.5"X19" available as long as an approximate 1:1.5 aspect ratio is kept.

oliver recommends that the larger sizes be stretched like any canvas and hung without frame or the frame of your choice. For smaller sizes, oliver recommends stretching and framing.



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