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New in the summer of 2006, Urban's started from an email from Anne Tucker of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to Photo Forum (the museum's photography oriented group) concerning the loss of the River Oaks Theater in Houston. The first and transitional images from this inspiration are in Scenic Visions and can be found at SV159 - SV172 with SV167 being the River Oaks Theater. Urban's started as an Architectural studies and expanded into studies of composition, color, pattern form and negative space. The announcement of the "Transitions" theme for FotoFest impacted the development of the work, especially with the freeway in development, and clashes of architectural styles images.

UH001 UH002 UH003 UH004 UH005 UH006 UH007 UH008 UH009 UH010
UH011 UH012 UH013 UH014 UH015 UH016 UH017 UH018 UH019 UH020
UH021 UH022 UH023 UH024 UH025 UH026 UH027 UH028 UH029 UH030
UH031 UH032 UH033 UH034 UH035 UH036 UH037 UH038 UH039 UH040
UH041 UH042 UH043 UH044 UH045 UH046 UH047 UH048 UH049 UH050
UH051 UH052 UH053 UH054 UH055 UH056 UH057 UH058 UH059 UH060
UH061 UH062 UH063 UH064 UH065 UH066 UH067 UH068 UH069 UH070
UH071 UH072 UH073 UH074 UH075 UH076 UH077 UH078 UH079 UH080
UH081 UH082 UH083 UH084 UH085 UH086 UH087 UH088 UH089 UH090
UH091 UH092 UH093 UH094 UH095 UH096 UH097 UH098 UH099 UH0100
UH101 UH102 UH103 UH104 UH105 UH106 UH107 UH108 UH0110
UH111 UH112 UH113 UH114 UH115 UH116 UH117


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